Rodrigo UmaƱa: Born in the town of Escazu, Costa Rica, better known for its traditional oxcarts, witches and masquerades. He grew up in the town of Coronado, running and playing in between dairy farms, and strolling to the cloud forest in the higher grounds of the County. He currently lives in San Jeronimo de Moravia. Very early in his childhood he started piano lessons in the University of Costa Rica school of musical arts. Outdoor sports have always been another of his passions: Jogging and mountain biking were partially responsible for his deep respect and early contact with the environment.
He worked for AIESEC, an NGO that teaches leadership to students through practice, seminars and worldwide volunteering. With them, he developed an eco-friendly project in the Community of Lagos de Lindora, Santa Ana County. His goal was to plan and develop a raw sewage treatment facility (which is still operational to date), in addition to an empowerment and entrepreneurship project for the women of the same community.
He graduated Bachellor of Business Administration in the International University of the Americas (Costa Rica), and holds his Economy studies from the University of Costa Rica. He currently works with Costa Rican Banco Popular in the Enterprise Arquitecture Department, and presides the Board of Directors of the Foundation.