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  • 25/Sep/2018 17:26
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  • After watching this video, can anybody else see the unique style of oil companies lobbying? Surely we'd be stuck in the 1800's without plastic, but is that an excuse to litter millions of tons of it into the sea? Makes me believe more and more that oil companies must be charged and held accountable from all their dirt around the globe...
    13/Sep/2018 18:28
  • 13/Sep/2018 18:03
  • What can you expect from human contamination? Fancy some fish now?
    11/Sep/2018 12:06
  • This is the seed of something huge in a near future: We are teaching alternative uses of garbage to people around the globe
    11/Sep/2018 11:37
  • Needless to say this idea must be copied Worldwide. Also cigarrette companies should be responsible for the cleaning of the Oceans, since their junk not only kills people, but pollutes our environment.
    09/Sep/2018 21:41
  • When great ideas come to reality
    09/Sep/2018 11:56
  • Innovation for the future, when water becomes scarce...
    09/Sep/2018 04:54
  • Amazing effort to protect and clean the Pacific
    09/Sep/2018 04:52
  • People simply refuse to see the trend
    09/Sep/2018 04:48
  • We need a complete mind overhaul on Global Warming, like it or not
    09/Sep/2018 04:45
  • If a desert can be recovered, then why not deploy big scale projects around the World to fight fossil fuels and coal burning effects?
    09/Sep/2018 04:42
  • 09/Sep/2018 04:15
  • Could this be true?
    06/Sep/2018 12:33
  • It's no secret that San Jose downtown happens to be asfixiating, so we took this group of European volunteers from ACI Costa Rica for a walk into the mountains. This effort will help us start showing young people from other Countries what Coronado has to offer: Rural community tourism, fresh air, sightseeing, forests, pastures, but specially a break from the crowds in the City. Location for this trip was the town of Patio de Agua, in the County of Coronado, San Jose, Costa Rica.
    06/Sep/2018 03:48
  • 24/Aug/2018 19:46
  • Milk is not a natural, but a processed (pasteurized) drink. Also what people drink from a carton is a dilution of the real milk. What dairy farms tell about milk doesn't seem that true after all. Think for yourself, this article from the FDA explains a lot of details about real (raw) milk.
    22/Aug/2018 07:21
  • Study of the sounds of fish, we learn new things everyday
    17/Aug/2018 12:04
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  • Amazing, just like that...
    10/Aug/2018 18:12